What is Speakcore?

Speaker Bureau Management Software

Speakcore is a platform designed to manage speaker bureau programs for life science companies. It is a turn-key, customizable platform that enables agencies to increase revenue, expand service offerings, and address key client needs. Speakcore provides compliant, efficient and effective speaker bureau management.

Speakers can log securely into a customized portal, tailored for their specific needs. From here, they can access training, download compliant presentations, complete surveys, register for events, and much more. Reps can request programs, recruit, register attendees, and capture electronic signatures from attendees on their iPad.

Speakcore allows agencies to automate speaker nominations, contracting, track honoraria, and more efficiently manage event logistics, program evaluations, budgeting, and compliance reporting. All in one easy-to-use solution.

Speakcore is designed for agencies that manage speakers bureaus for Life Science companies.

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Learn more about the key features of Speakcore and how it can be utilized.

Admin & Meeting Planner Portal

Speakcore includes a built-in Content Management System that allows you to administer the portal on your own.

  • Tools to maximize communication and collaboration by meeting planning team
  • Task dashboard for monitoring key milestones and due dates
  • Integrated administrative documents with data merging
  • Real-time event attendance tracking with automated reminders
  • Manage all facets of event management: track all logistics and program expenses
  • Business rules and alerts for managing budget allocations
  • Send automated speaker and program evaluations to attendees post-event
  • Aggregate spend reporting for compliance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act
  • Customizable dashboard widgets for monitoring key performance indicators

Speaker & KOL Management

Speakcore simplifies the management of KOLs and speakers

  • Comprehensive source for storing speaker profile information
  • Speaker nomination forms for Sales Reps with approval workflow
  • eContracts that speakers can digitally sign
  • Track honoraria payments, expenses and budgeting for speakers
  • Manage spending limits
  • Store contracts and other key documents

Speaker Portal

Speakcore provides speakers with access to the latest training and approved materials needed to help them execute their programs in compliance.

  • Speaker and compliance training with certification and reporting
  • Robust training courses which can include videos, narrated or video slide presentations, quiz and polling questions
  • Slide sorter with customizable business rules and iPad compatibility
  • Capture program receipts and expenses from speakers using their phone
  • Allow speakers to check their honoraria payment history and check status
  • Share program attendee list and pre-meeting survey results
  • Integrated calendar that displays program details
  • Permission-based document sharing for certified speakers
  • Share news and updates with speakers

Rep Portal

Speakcore provides reps with access to the tools they need for executing their programs.

  • Speaker nomination and program request forms
  • Real-time event attendance tracking with automated reminders
  • Look up HCPs in master database for streamlined registration and ‘cleaner’ data
  • Capture electronic signatures from attendees using the iPad
  • Capture speaker and program evaluation forms
  • Permission-based document sharing
  • Monitor budget allocations


Speakcore’s mission is to provide agencies and Life Science companies with the most streamlined and customizable speaker bureau platform in the industry. Below is a listing of just some of the many benefits that Speakcore provides.

  • One portal that all audiences access so everyone can collaborate and work in real-time

  • Turnkey solution that can be deployed quickly

  • Robust solution that can automate your workflow and processes to maximize your team’s productivity

  • Reliable, cloud hosted solution

  • Compatible with tablets and mobile devices for speakers and reps on the go

  • Supported by a ‘client-first’ customer service focused team

  • Speaker and Rep portal access is fully customizable to match product branding

  • Integrates with centralized healthcare provider databases for ‘cleaner’ data and reporting

  • Secure solution developed using best practices for cyber security and tested by external software security experts

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