CMW has been servicing the life science marketing, event, and medical affairs industry for over three decades. While supporting customized web solutions, we consistently received requests to build one-off portals to help manage various types of meetings, and we thought to ourselves – rather than trying to coordinate separate portals, there must be a better way to service our clients with a single source suite of platforms. In 2014 we made the decision to build an all-in-one platform to help companies that manage speaker bureaus and in 2016 Speakcore was born! During those first years, we learned a lot about what is needed to run a bureau or meeting successfully, as well as how to best scale our tools to support different clients' needs. In light of this knowledge and Speakcore's growing success, we decided to update our software. So we went back to the drawing board and meticulously architected, programmed (with the latest and greatest technology), and released the current version of Speakcore. This latest major release of Speakcore allows us to better serve our clients and all user types with a long-term, scalable solution. We listen to our clients to gain an understanding of what challenges they are facing which helps us determine what features to include in the monthly releases. Lastly, we are always working on keeping the site secure and are ISO 27001 certified. We are the future of software in speaker program management.

Speakcore’s singular focus is to service our clients with a software tool that allows them to properly manage bureau programs with ease while staying compliant.

Speakcore is wholly owned by Creative MediaWorks, and our in-house software development team of solution architects, business analysts, project managers, developers, and QA engineers spend each day supporting and improving our configurable, easy-to-use platform.

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Leadership Team

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Carly Ritter

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

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Chief Technology Officer