Sales Reps

Give your Reps the solution that saves them time and allows them to focus on selling. Speakcore enables them to request programs, send out invites to HCPs to promote the program, capture attendee eSignatures, and facilitate attendee survey evaluations.

Utilize Speakcore’s prebuilt integration modules for single sign-on and widely used CRMs to help support the sales teams in the software they already use.

Meeting Planners

Stay compliant and avoid mistakes with end-to-end control over all meeting logistics. Speakcore makes it simple to follow task-based SOPs to execute a program properly. You can also track the program's logistics, collaborate with the team, capture expenses, and manage the budget.

Save time on your next virtual or hybrid event by taking advantage of Speakcore's prebuilt add-on integration with Zoom that tracks participation and automatically reconciles attendees after the event.


Bolster your speakers’ confidence in executing their programs with easy access to program details and compliant slide decks centralized within Speakcore. Speakers can also manage and update their profiles and record expenses for reimbursement.

To make the process seamless, Speakcore includes add-on modules for automating the speaker contracting process and the speaker nomination process, which can be configured to follow any multi-tiered compliance and review process needed.


Make program attendance simple by using Speakcore, which allows your attendees to register for programs, add the event to their personal calendars, and receive confirmation and reminder emails.

Make it clear for participants to know what time their event starts. Speakcore will automatically show event times in the time zone of the venue for live programs, and in their native time zone for virtual programs.


Experience stress-free compliance with Speakcore. Robust self-service reporting ensures that all transfers of value, honoraria, expenses, and attendee signatures are accurately tracked, reported, and compliant with business rules enforced.

Speakcore provides users with the confidence that their systems have the latest real-time data to fulfill critical reporting needs. Speakcore software is built around a fully documented RESTful API that can be leveraged for crucial integrations with data warehousing, contracting, and other key vendors and suppliers.