Speakcore is designed from the ground up to make the work of managing a speaker bureau faster, easier and more effective. With integrated features, simple workflows and unmatched support, Speakcore is the speaker bureau platform you’ve been waiting for. Find out more by contacting us for a demo and see what leading life science companies consider to be “simply the most complete package out there!”

Six Key Reasons to Choose Speakcore



Integrated suite of applications serving as a central hub for Sales Reps and their Managers, as well as Meeting Planners, Speakers, and HCPs – built around a workflow engine, made to last.


Scalable solution

Cloud based platform that grows with the evolving needs of any Life Science company supporting multiple bureaus and brands through configurations.


New feature releases

Continuously rolling out new features monthly to add value, increase productivity, and performance capabilities.


Specialize in the Life Sciences

Enforce business rules and automated processes not otherwise possible with non-industry specific solution or if managed solely in spreadsheets.


We don't just listen, we take action

Dedicated team of experts who stand behind our customers success and in front of their needs.


User experience

Clean and intuitive, streamlined tool allowing all parties to successfully execute their tasks with ease and compliance at the forefront.

Speakcore allows you to simplify your workflows and reduce stress across all aspects of speaker bureau management.